WSDL WxShield for Arduino

Building Your Own Version 1 WxShield

Photograph of WSDL Weather Shield version 1
Version 1 WxShield built using custom PC board.

You'll need the following items to get up and running with the version 1 hand-built shield:

Custom PC Board for WxShield-V1

A set of CAD files is now available that you can use to order custom printed-circuit boards for the version 1 WxShield. A pack of ten custom boards can be purchased for a very modest cost from places such as SeeedStudio. All parts on this PCB are through-hole with the exception of a single surface mount diode which is used for static protection of the antenna input. The board includes mounting locations for the Bosch barometer and Sensirion SHT-75 temperature/humidity sensor.

Both the barometer and temp/humidity sensor are optional, so it is possible to build a version 1 WxShield using only the receiver module and a few inexpensive resistors and capacitors.

The build package is available for download and includes the following:

See the downloads page to get the package.

Arduino Software

If you purchase an Arduino processor board, it does not come with the necessary software installed. The source code and detailed instructions for building the software and downloading it to the Duemilanove/Uno is available for download on SourceForge. This is a fairly simple process and should not be too difficult for non-programmers.

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