WSDL WxShield for Arduino

Software for the WxShield

Since the release of Windows Vista/7, the directory structure for Arduino sketches and libraries has changed. This was done because newer versions of Windows prevents users from easily modifying files in the Program Files directory. The current download of Arduino software has been modified to work correctly with Arduino release 1.0.

There are two versions of software for the Arduino processor board posted in the downloads area:

Make sure the WxShield is NOT installed on the Arduino module while programming the sketch.

  1. Start by downloading the Arduino software package from
  2. Download the WxShield sketch source code here.
  3. Unpack the zip file onto your hard drive somewhere -- it will create a new folder named "WxShield-Arduino-Source-v1.6".
  4. Install the Arduino software package you downloaded in step (1) above.
  5. Run the Arduino software you just installed; click on File...Preferences. Change the sketchbook location to the new folder that was created when you unpacked the zip file in step (3) above. Click OK to close the Arduino Preferences dialog window.
  6. Click on File...Sketchbook...sketches...WsdlWxShield. If you don't see this choice then the sketchbook location specified in step (5) above is incorrect. This will open a new Arduino window and you should now close the original Arduino window.
  7. Press the check-mark button in the top-left corner of the Arduino window. This should compile your sketch without any errors. If you get some errors about things being un-defined, see the troubleshooting section below.
  8. Plug in your Arduino module to a USB port. Use the Windows device manager to discover what COM port number it is using.
  9. In the Arduino window, click Tools...Board and select your type of Arduino (e.g. Uno).
  10. Click Tools...Serial Port and choose the COM port number corresponding to your Arduino module.
  11. Click the Upload button (the right arrow next to the check-mark button). This will program the WxShield sketch into your Arduino module.
  12. Un-plug Arduino from the USB port and install the WxShield.

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