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New Article on Ferrite Sleeve Loop Antennas


Photo of Eton Hack

Eton tabletop radio AM antenna hack

Photo of NTP server

Arduino-based Stratum-1 NTP Server

Photo of THGR810 Clone
Build a THGR810 Clone for a lot less money!

Photo of Load Cell Shield
Build an Arduino shield for measuring Load Cells.

Photo of Solar Radiation Shield
Solar radiation shield prevents direct solar radiation from corrupting outdoor temperature measurements.

Photo of modified wireless sensors
Modify your wireless temperature sensors to drastically improve accuracy.

New WxShield sketch (4.2.0) supports AcuRite 5n1 (VN1TX) and Ambient Weather WH2C sensors.
Update (5.0.2) fixes problem receiving F007TH sensor.
Photo of WxShield Package
Click image for WxShield Information

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